Want to make more money in the fitness industry?

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Fitproincome is the ultimate resource to thrive in the fitness industry and make a great income whilst you do it.

What’s fitproincome all about?

There’s plenty of information out there about how to become a personal trainer, teach classes and get qualifications, but what no one teaches you is how to actually make money.

It’s full of great articles for personal trainers, fitness instructors, group fitness instructors, and anyone else who wants to make more money in the fitness industry.

Within these articles, you will learn how to pick up and keep personal training clients, be the best fitness instructor you could ever be, and have jam-packed group, fitness classes.

How can fitproincome help me?

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Making money in the fitness industry isn’t always easy, believe me, I was in it for over ten years.

Without the proper guidance on how to pick up clients, retain them or fill up your group fitness classes with paying customers, you will end up as one of the many each year that quit the industry.

I don’t want that, and I’m sure you don’t either, so sit back, pick an article and learn how to make some serious money, and have a great career in the fitness industry.

Accreditations & Past Employers

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About Chris Walker

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Chris Walker worked as a REP’s accredited personal trainer in the City Of London for over ten years.

He worked with some of the best in the business, including several celebrity trainers before having to retire due to a long-lasting illness.

After maintaining a client base of over 40 individuals for several years, he now wants to help you learn the lessons he learned along the way.

How did fitproincome.com begin?

When I would be training my clients, I would often be asked questions by them like “How much water should I be drinking in these sessions?”

I would give them a short answer as there was only so much time I had to train them and I couldn’t waste too much time answering these questions. It came to me that I could start writing articles about my most commonly asked questions so that my clients could read them at their own pace.

I started to really enjoy writing these articles and the feedback I got from my clients was really encouraging, so it ignited a fire in me to start writing as much as I could and giving my clients as much detail as I could.

After taking a few courses on how to make a website and make articles a little easier to read, I started fitproincome.com.

You can view my LinkedIn profile by clicking below.